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Sarita R

Dr Yash and Dr Sudhir really made our dreams come true.. just when we had pretty much given up on the idea of having a little one. Best decision we ever made was to place our trust in them. Highly recommend them!

Sarita R
Nasreen Khan

Awesome services! The doctors and staff are great and have a lot of experience. They cater to individual cases in a very professional and supportive manner. I would definitely recommend them.

Nasreen Khan

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About Zoi Fertility

Zoi Fertility is the most advanced state of the art IVF and ICSI Centre in Mumbai. The infertility clinic is located in Powai. It is an IVF centre located in a Hospital, unlike most others which are standalone centres. As soon as a patient enters the clinic, the positive energy with no waiting time generates hopes and belief. The ethos of the IVF clinic is based on three pillars namely transparency, awareness and ethics.

Today’s patient requirements are much different from earlier generations. Respect as individual or couple, punctuality, straightforwardness, availability of newest techniques, time for all the queries is only a few requirements.

Dr Yashodhara Mhatre the Fertility Physician of Zoi Fertility IVF Centre is one of the few doctors who is trained internationally. She went to Singapore for a full-time course in “Fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology”. She has experience of more than 20 years in Infertility treatments and has catered to more than 1500 international patients and more than 2000 Indian couples.

Having undergone Fertility treatment herself, Dr Yashodhara Mhatre is empathetic and understanding of the pain and anguish the couples go through to have a child. Patients usually find comfort, assurance and personalised care with Dr Yashodhara Mhatre.

She gave special attention to the needs of the present generation, which are the working couples who are independent, self-driven, having late marriages, maybe substance abuse, and even later planning of their children. Dr Yashodhara Mhatre focused her training and provided services around these requirements. She now excels in conditions like high age IVF, social egg freezing, poor sperm count, PCOS, low AMH, multiple failures, etc.

Reasonably priced Fertility programs, with excellent results, above par average, Zoi Fertility aims to give the best of personal experience and highest pregnancy chance, every attempt. May it be self-cycle, egg donor cycles or embryo adoption, Dr Yashodhara Mhatre and team have always put patient’s interest first to achieve success.

With recent advances, the lab has acquired the best of techniques to improve the patient care experience and to deliver the best of the technological advances. Techniques like PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) intrauterine insemination, G-CSF insemination, Sequential Transfers (day 3 embryo + day 5 blastocyst transfers), advanced semen DNA fragmentation test and many more. These procedures have improved the results of the lab and success for the patients. The average IVF success rates which were around 30-40%, post such procedures in IVF, the success rate at Zoi Fertility has gone beyond 50-60% across all age groups. We at Zoi Fertility do not promote Egg Donor cycles but only self cycles. We always tell our patients, egg donor cycles are like readymade packaged food, heat it and eat it. The chances of failure are very very low. Any IVF Centre in Mumbai can make that egg donor cycle happen. But a possibility for a couple to have a child through their own genetics is what we promote.

Dr Yashodhara Mhatre believes that any aspect of any allied therapies could help the patient. From psychological counselling to anger management, weight loss, meditation, acupuncture, and any such procedure that entails possible enhancement of the success, the same is absorbed into the treatment plan for the patient.

Patients who are treated at other IVF clinics and have failed. Patients who were treated and miscarried multiple, are our key patients, a challenge for us to make those patients pregnant. It is for such patients, we use PGS or PGD techniques, the advanced genetic analysis of the embryos.

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