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Do I really need IVF


First be aware of what IVF is, types of procedures available, costs associated. First become AWARE.

Without a doubt, IVF has helped thousands of women worldwide to get pregnant and carry their own children. Notwithstanding, although IVF is a very successful process, it has its many downsides.

You too can be one of those couples that could benefit from this awesome treatment, so refuse to be put off by all the stigma, taboo and family pressure attached to this treatment.


When it comes to fertility tests, it’s important both partners undergo testing. In women, some basic tests of certain hormones (e.g. AMH, FSh, LH) as well as ultrasound scan of the ovaries form the first step and Semen analysis for the male partner. If a doctor advices any treatment without basic tests, you need to be careful as it indicates blind treatment.

Treatment Options

Although the statistics from cases of infertility worldwide is quite alarming, thanks to advancement in science, infertility is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

However, it is important to know that there is no one correct treatment for infertility. We believe in accurate diagnosis, and then providing the treatment options to you.

Right Advice

If you are been told what treatment is best for you, you are indeed not getting the right advice.

Your doctors, like at Zoi, have to involve couples in making decision through awareness and information sharing. Then letting you make the right medical decision suitable for you, in respect to time, procedure and costs involved.

Psychological Support

We at Zoi fertility center are committed to make our patients understand.

For couple’s dealing infertility, you are not alone. You could opt for couple counselling, support group meetings.

Consequently, couples who attend support group meetings stand a better chance of dealing with all the emotional highs and psychological distress from infertility than those who do not.

Financial Counselling

The cost of undergoing IVF treatment is not inexpensive, especially if ill-advised and ill-diagnosed. Deciding to go through this treatment could affect couples routine life.

Always go to a team, who shares transparently all details both medical and financial, without any fine print clauses.

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