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Dr says I am a high risk patient!

What and Why?

Infertility can have many dimensions. Worst is when a few patients have other associated systemic disorders, thereby limiting their success in IVF or asking for multiple specialities to be involved at the same time, making couples fall into high risk cases.

Poor Responders

Poor responders women are who during IVF treatment produce a low number of oocytes in response to treatment to that of other women of same age and other parameters. This also affects the pregnancy rate as compared with normal responders.
At Zoi Fertility, we use newer techniques and research studies to get better success rate for poor responders.

Low Ovarian Reserve

The ovary itself doesn’t have many viable follicles left which leads to decrease production of eggs, even with IVF stimulation.

As you would agree, fewer eggs mean fewer embryos to choose from during embryo transfer. Lower ovarian reserve, also many a times indicate poor quality.

Multiple IVF Failures

There are chances that through quality diagnostics and treatments, first IVF cycle may be successful. With across the globe statistics of average 35% success rate, it usually calls for more than 2 or times 3 attempts. This causes psychological and financial issues. It is important in such cases of multiple failures, to be with experienced doctor and clinic, with preferably international exposure.

Secondary Infertility

Like it or not, it is quite daunting and painful for a woman who has at one point in her life successfully achieved pregnancy, to deal with subsequent inability (secondary infertility) to conceive.

Circumspectly, when eggs are ready, both doctors and patients have to come to terms with the best way to proceed. In vitro fertilization treatment has proven very effective in treating pelvic disorders that may cause secondary infertility.

Unexplained Infertility

A lot of times, a diagnostic test may not be able to detect subtle deviations, thereby causing unexplained infertility. Studies show that their chances of getting pregnant without any form of intervention or treatment are as high as 60% only after three years.

It is of paramount importance to visit senior specialists, who can use their experience and knowledge for better outcome.

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