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Frozen Embryo Transfers

Should I freeze my embryos?

Usually, we should be be able to create more than few embryos. If we are doing Freeze All cycle, we will freeze all your embryos. If we transfer 2-3 embryos in the fresh cycle, we freeze the rest.

Freezing Benefits

Embryo freezing basically gives you more than 1 chance from single egg pick up and IVF procedure. Means you dont have to take those painful injections and anesthesia for EPU.
If you don’t get pregnant from earlier transfer, we could use the frozen embryos to try again!

Success Rate

We have noticed our frozen embryo success rates are higher than the fresh transfers, primarily because the women is under no stress of multiple injections, surgery and that we could prepare her uterine lining optimally and then thaw the embryos for transferring it.

Freezing for future preservation

You do not want to have a child now, or either of you are undergoing serious medical condition including cancer, freezing embryos indeed is the best option for future parenthood.

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