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I miscarried, once again!


Sadly, miscarriages are a common occurrence, with as high as one in six pregnancies end before 20 wks. The statistics doesn’t help you, you only want to know why it occurred and if you can prevent it from happening again.

Most couples who have experienced a miscarriage, have a healthy family now, so don’t QUIT, stay positive.

However, a small percentage of couples will experience more than one consecutive miscarriage.


Recurrent miscarriages is basically the failure of the embryos to remain attached to the uterus, and the pregnancy to continue in several cycles of IVF

The causes of recurrent miscarriages can be grouped broadly under following:

  • The quality of the sperm and eggs. They help create a quality for healthy embryo. External factors like unhealthy lifestyle and age can affect the quality of sperm and eggs.
  • Chromosomal abnormalities in the embryos. They happen after the fertilization.
  • Structural, hormonal or immunological condition of the uterus

Zoi Fertility will help you investigate all of these factors, explain to you, discuss possible treatment options and give you that power to understand and make rational decision with us for the next steps.

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