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Male fertility treatments

If you need to have treatment for cancer that may affect your fertility, there are options available to ensure you can still have children in the future. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can affect your sperm production – sometimes this is temporary but in other cases it may be permanent.We strongly recommend you contact us before commencing any cancer treatment.

Understanding Sperm Production

Before we come to male infertility treatement, its important we understand sperm production cycle. Testes constantly produce new sperms. During spermatogenesis, say 1500 sperms are produced every second. By the end of say 64 day full sperm production cycle, any man produces about 8-10 billion sperms. Every act releases 20-300 million. There is always a fresh supply available for conception.

Improving Sperm Health

For minor male infertility treatments, the following precautions can be taken. Exercise regularly. Get enough vitamin C and D in the diet. Get enough lycopene. Limit how much you smoke. Limit your alcohol intake. Wear loose-fitting underwear and clothing.

Sperm Freezing

Before you begin chemotherapy or radiotherapy, your sperm can be frozen and kept until you wish to start a family. Men who have to travel overseas or work in dangerous situations may also want to have their sperm frozen for use in the future.

We collect samples in a private room, so our scientists can prepare and freeze the sperm. If you are unable to collect semen or if there are no sperm in the semen, due to illness, we may be able to collect sperm directly from your testicles using a needle. The procedure is called TESE.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation test

Sperm DNA fragmentation has become one of the routine tests to rule male infertility, which helps to identify abnormal genetic composition within the sperm. Poor or bad DNA fragmentation directly leads to multiple IVF / ICSI treatment failure and multiple miscarriages. This probability of understanding the sperm test cannot be identified through routine conventional semen analysis.

Embryos which are formed from sperms with high DNA fragmentation level usually have shown poor results. This can cause blastocyst arrest, increased chance of miscarriage and abnormalities in the children born.

The treatment totally depends on the cause. Usually giving CoQ or doing TESE helps the patient. The best treatment is a change in lifestyle and diet.


TESE is a minor surgical sperm retrieval procedure carried out under local anaesthesia, and used in male infertility treatment, for men who have no sperm in their ejaculate. Its usually found that these men have absent sperms in their sample either due to blockage or there can be a failure in sperm production in the testes.

These sperms which are retrieved, are used to do ICSI with the eggs and is the best male fertility treatment option.

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