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Should I change my doctor?

The answer is both Yes and No.


It is not ideal to change your doctor, especially in fertility arena. Each case is unique and it may at times take a little longer for the doctor to pinpoint the cause of fertility. The longer you stay with your doctor, the doctor understands your body response and is able to give more appropriate treatment, suited specifically to you both.


If you undergo any of the following, you should strongly consider changing your doctor.

  • You do not get sufficient time with your doctor, nor are you explained the steps and processes of your treatment, in short you are nearly blind folded entering the program.
  • You have not done any blood tests, hysteroscopy, and still suggested you undergo IVF.
  • You have undergone more than 4 IUI’s and still recommended to try more.
  • One failed self IVF, and you are forced to do Egg Donor cycle without proper reasons.
  • You never received details of your cycle in writing, in terms of injection protocols, stimulation medications, follicular monitoring updates, number of eggs, quality, sperm quality, embryos number and quality, freezing details, etc.

I am not sure, what should I do?

Simple! Take Second Opinion.
Just meet another Fertility Physician, who is willing to share time, understand your case and give you honest opinion. If the opinion matches what your treatment is, you know you are in safe hands.

You can have a free second opinion with us, share this code: “MY OPINION”

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