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SurrogacyIndia is proudly the First ART Bank in India, and has been catering to both National and International patients. This Team (SI) has been providing fertility treatments, primarily focusing on Surrogacy pregnancy process and Egg Donation process, since the year 2007, delivering nearly 600 babies.


To reproduce is the strongest human desire, second only to survival itself. If none of us passed on our DNA and refuses to become parents, life would end with us. The motive that drove us on this path was the pain, anguish, suffering which the hoping parents and families go through, to see a joyful little face. There are many medical conditions which prevent a woman from carrying a pregnancy. It is in such justified cases, we advise for the third party rented womb program.


We outclass our industry through our extensive search, exhaustive screening, and exquisite timing in reference to selecting Surrogate Mother (SM) for the Surrogacy Pregnancy Process. We were the first and probably the only team who encourages you to build a relationship through this process, by building a bond with the SM.

From the time you wish to undergo the program till you are back home with your child, we provide you assistance at every single stage. May it be enrolment, patient references, online cycle stimulation, SM online profiles, SM matching, cab services, antenatal care, legal assistance, etc.

Unlike IVF, which is a 15-day treatment; this program is a year-long emotional parenthood journey. It is about holding your hands throughout the IVF / ICSI process, antenatal care, passport and visa assistance, etc. in India.


This is an initiative by Dr Sudhir Ajja and Dr Yashodhara Mhatre. In 2007, when there were no speciality clinics, they started the first of its kind in India, an initiative to help both International and Indian couples. Read more at SurrogacyIndia.com


For a risk-free surrogacy pregnancy process, the mother ideally should be between the ages of 22-35 years. At Zoi, we usually limit them to below 30 years. The SM Is willing to undergo a physical, medical and psychological evaluation and tests. At Zoi, we repeat all tests to ensure the process is smooth for both the mother and her husband. Has experienced the joy of having her own child. This is non-negotiable at Zoi, we do not take mothers who did not have their own child(ren). The SM is aware of the hazards of addiction (smoking/tobacco/alcohol) on pregnancy and the baby.


The present laws are very clear. Any Indian citizen can undergo the Surrogacy pregnancy process in India. The bill governing it has undergone multiple changes both from Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, in the last 3 years. The clauses, requirements, approvals, eligibility of patients and other factors for this Process have continuously tweaked. The least we can predict and strongly believe is that the Commercial aspect of the program Costs is going to be removed. The best outlook is to wait and see how the draft bill is tabled, and if cleared, the impact on each couple, SM and the clinics.


The costs of Surrogacy Pregnancy process can vary across India. The costs in Mumbai are different too, depending on the clinic. Zoi costs in Mumbai falls in the average range around 12-16 lakhs. The program costs vary due to the different situations involved like, what if there are complications, or SM gets pregnant with twins, etc. To understand the costs in Mumbai, please contact us at life@zoifertility.com.

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