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What are the IVF Treatment Costs?

Different clinics charge differently for fertility procedures in Mumbai. The basic infertility treatment cost in Zoi is about Rs. 90,000 only. Whereas the IVF treatment costs in Mumbai can range between Rs. 1,00,000 – Rs. 4,00,000.


We need to first accept and understand that each patient’s treatment requirement is different from others. So no two patients IVF procedure packages should be the same. The fertility treatment costs totally depend on why the patient is visiting the Infertility doctor or the Fertility clinic. A single woman looking for freezing eggs for future use, do not need to be charged for complete ICSI treatment costs, as she only goes through basic part of the IVF procedure package and needs to be charged accordingly.


Most of the clinics that we have understood charges the patient according to the class and affordability. We as a clinic have standard IVF treatment costs for all our patients which are then customised according to the services patient is availing and charged per se the IVF procedure package. A printed sheet is given to the patient to assure transparency.


We counsel our patients about the fertility costs in Mumbai about their IVF procedure packages before they undergo any procedure. This means there are no surprises or hidden costs. The invoices are raised online, and payment received online.


Once you register for the program, we do not charge you separately for scans. It is included with the consultations. This is important to understand that there are no hidden charges. What is informed is what is charged.


We do only ICSI for all our patients undergoing infertility treatments and in the same treatment costs. The fertilization rate in ICSI is way higher than IVF, there is no reason to take a risk or decrease patient chances. Increased fertilisation means an increased number of embryos, which means increased chances of success. And why not give the patient a full chance, when they are in standard infertility procedure costs. We do not charge you separately for ICSI. Our infertility treatments costs are comparable to any other clinics in Mumbai.

Laser-assisted hatching

Free. Many clinics charge procedures like LASER, PRP, extra. Zoi as a clinic believes in getting their patients pregnant. Any procedures which will increase the chances, we will perform it, and thus are included in the package. We do not charge separately.

Egg donor

Most clinics will share your egg donor with 3-5 other patients in the same cycle. That means your child will always have a sibling near you. We do not share our egg donor with other patients. The cost for all egg donor investigation, medications, fees and care are included in the IVF treatment costs. We share an egg donor code with you, confirming the same donor is given to you in the infertility procedure package as discussed.

3 Cycle Procedure Package
3 Cycles | Egg Donor | Money Back Guarantee
  • Inclusions (for 3 cycles)
    • Egg donor
    • New cycle, if required
    • Embryo Thawing, if required
    • Embryo transfers
    • Blastocyst transfers, if required
  • Exclusions
    • Premium egg donor
    • Pre-EPU and Post ET investigations
    • Pre and Post ET medicines
  • Payment Terms
    • Package cost of Rs. 4,75,000 (4.75 lakhs) for 3 embryo transfers
    • Moneyback of Rs. 3,50,000 if no positive pregnancy achieved in 3 cycles
    • Entire payment due before 1st ET
    • No refund or extra cycles, if there is a heartbeat in the scan
  • Prerequisites testing required.
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