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Am I too old to get pregnant?

Age is the single most important factor influencing a woman’s fertility.

  • The number of eggs you produce rapidly declines with age
  • Also the quality (increased risk of miscarriage and chromosomal abnormalities).

At 36 years, you half the chance of getting pregnant, as compared to when you were of 20 years.
At 41, chance to get pregnant falls to just 4%.

Risk of high age

With age, eggs divide abnormally affecting the genetics too, increasing genetic abnormality.
Basically it means, it is not only difficult to get pregnant, but there is is a greater chance of miscarriage, and or giving birth to a baby with a genetic abnormality.

Fertility Assistance

If you are aged 36 to 40, your chances of falling pregnant with IVF is 35%, as compared to 10%, if you were trying to conceive naturally.
Good news: Fertility Physicians, can improve your chances of having normal child.

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Genetic Testing

Preimplantation Genetic Testing is one method of testing embryos before implantation.

Fertility preservation

If you are young, freeze your unfertilized eggs or embryos for use in the future, called egg or embryo freezing. This helps you to freeze your age.

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