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Difference between Day 3 transfer and Day 5 Transfer?

The important point of decision making between transferring embryos when they have cleaved into 8-10 cells rather than later stage when they have become a blastocyst, continues to rage.  Research Let’s look at research and statistics in the past. Embryos between day 2-4 that fail to develop into blastocysts are usually accepted as “incapable” of achieving pregnancy to term, considering…

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Finding Best IVF Clinic

Understanding IVF IVF is an abbreviation for In-Vitro Fertilisation. In-vitro means outside the body, whereas in-vivo means within the body. IVF is actually a technical yet generic name for any and all procedures are done to conceive. Understanding Infertility When a couple is unable to conceive for a minimum period of one year, without using any contraceptives, they medically fall…

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