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IVF / ICSI with freeze all option

Most Fertility Physicians will suggest you IVF or ICSI cycle. This is traditional proven technique where eggs are fertilized on egg retrieval day and quality embryos are transferred three or five days after the egg retrieval.

What is NEW?

After egg retrieval, a fresh transfer of the embryos is not performed but all embryos are frozen, referred to as a “freeze all”.

  • Research proves that you have a better chance of getting pregnancy primarily by eliminating the high hormone levels associated with ovarian stimulation, which does affect the lining of the uterus.
  • To prevent the risk of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in patients that have developed many follicles and have a high estrogen level. In other words, in Freeze All cycles, we can aim to get more number of eggs, thereby embryos, without worrying of OHS.
  • Preimplantation Genetic Screening or Diagnosis. Some patients chose to have their embryos tested to see if they have a normal set of chromosomes, or to see if they do not contain specific genetic mutations that can cause a disease.
Success Rate

For the past 5 years techniques for freezing and transferring the embryos have improved so much, that frozen embryos now have a slightly better chance of implanting than fresh embryos.

How are embryos Frozen

Embryos can be frozen from Day 3 usually. They are placed in cryo straws, sealed at both ends, and labelled and the temperature dropped to -150° Celsius.
The straws are then placed into tanks filled with liquid nitrogen, which keeps the temperature at -196° Celsius.

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