The Team

About Dr Sudhir Ajja

He is Co-founder and CEO of Zoi Fertility.

A medical graduate (MBBS), who unlike his friends, believed in his passion and wanted to bring a change in the healthcare segment. Excelling his Business Management Degree from TISS, only served as a stimulus and helped him create Niche initiatives in Fertility sector.

He aims for customer satisfaction, and always looking for corruption-free service delivery. He loves balancing through work & life; highs & lows; gives & takes.

To summarise, he is a Strategist, Operations expert, Believer, Father and loves pink (but he is not gay).

The Group & Timeline

Together, they have formed multiple organisations to assist couples in getting pregnant and women in creating awareness.
The list of organisations is listed below.



Surrogacy Donors


Egg Donor India


Zoi Fertility


Egg Freezing India


Kenya Surrogacy


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